Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Environment

I am new to a PLN.  After doing my homework on it and reading other people's comments about it, I feel that it is going to be a great community to be a part of.  Still being new to the teaching career, there are tons of things that I don't know yet and experience that I am yet to gain.  By being part of a growing circle where like-minded people share ideas and feedback on teaching and education, I can only see myself growing and becoming better at my craft.  

There are many tools out there ready and at our disposal.  The following website,, is a website that I plan on using in my classroom.  Think of YouTube but classroom friendly and full of useful everyday information that teachers and students can benefit from.  


  1. I would have to agree with you that being part a PLN is something good where we can grow and become better educators. As a first year teacher I have found myself visiting various blogs to get ideas on classroom management reading what works, what doesn't and just trying to figure out what I would like to see in my classroom.

  2. It's a continual process. Even after a million years of being in education, I'm still looking for the best things for me and the kids! Keep your eyes and mind open!