Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool #3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

After visiting a few of the mentioned sites, I felt that TeacherTube and CNN are a couple that I will be visiting on a regular basis.  Being new to the 5th grade, I will have lots of questions about how to do and implement strategies in my classroom.  Other than having my team as a resource, I plan on going to TeacherTube and looking at the videos to help me out as well.  Considering that I will be teaching Social Studies as well, CNN is a great website that will keep us updated on what is going on in government as well as a great aid with videos and clips.  

The following video stresses the importance of being able to read.  Enjoy!

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The following video would make for a good introduction regarding the presidential elections.

Bottom line with copywrite; don't take anything that is not yours and claim it as your own!

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